"...a must for every active person"

Do you want to effectively prevent skin irritations and blistering during your sports activities and even on a daily basis?

natural ingredients that make the difference

swiss glacier water

a real boost for deep rehydration of the skin

swiss red algae extract

visibly improves skin structure, evens out the complexion and strengthens its barrier function

swiss edelweiss extract

the unique virtues of a very rare and protected flower 

  • long-lasting anti-chafing protection

  • effectively prevents the formation of blisters

  • fast absorption, without leaving traces

  • soothing virtues facilitating healing

  • allows your skin to breathe, sweat and water resistant

key application areas

Once the cream is applied, a thin protective film prepares and softens your skin while resisting perspiration.

anti-chafing cream


CHF 14.90
originalladies edition

how to apply the cream?

Apply before starting an activity by rubbing and massaging the cream into the targeted areas. 

For an optimal effect, apply the swip® cream several days before the competition or before intense activity. 

Repeat the operation during the activity as soon as friction occurs.

is it suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! The cream is non-sticky, leaves no trace on application and contains no alcohol or parabens. 

For external use only, not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

what is the swiss vegan label?

Registered with the swiss vegan label®, swip® minimizes its impact on the planet and reduces its carbon footprint. 

All our products are developed without animal testing.

what are the ingredients?

aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, butyrospermum parkii butter, polyacrylamide, steareth-21, c13-14 isoparaffin, cetearyl glucoside, sodium cetearyl sulfate, phenoxyethanol, decyl glucoside, laureth-7, ethylhexylglycerin, perfume, tocopherol, glycerin, citric acid, helianthus annuus seed oil, isomalt, sodium benzoate, leontopodium alpinum extract, chlamydomonas extract, lactic acid, lecithin.

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2x anti-chafing

  • 10% off

2x anti-chafing cream
originalladies edition
CHF 29.90CHF 26.90

3x anti-chafing

+ cotton bag included
  • 20% off

3x cream anti-chafing + cotton bag
originalladies edition
CHF 44.90CHF 35.90

1x anti-chafing

1x sun cream

1x recovery balm

+ cotton bag included
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discovery pack + cotton bag
originalladies edition
CHF 64.90CHF 51.90

an expert opinion

how do you define your runner profile? type of race, length, motivation, etc.

Running for fun, rather on ultra-trails. My longest race is the Swisspeaks 360, the complete crossing of the Valais (360km, 25'500 of D+). My motivation is to discover new places and new people and make the most of it.

why use an anti-chafing cream?

To avoid running discomforts, such as warm-ups on the feet or in sensitive areas.

why did you test swip®?

A friend told me about this cream. Other creams I have used in the past required repeated applications and required me to stop regularly to remove my shoes. With swip®, the cream stays in place longer and therefore protects the skin better. In addition, I prefer to use a cream made in Switzerland in order to favour local companies.

does swip® cream work?  

At Swisspeaks, I ran 6 days with only one application of swip® per day and my feet were almost as good as new at the finish! I've never had such a result with any existing product.

can you describe the application and use?

I apply the cream a few hours before the race, once or twice. This is enough for the day, but if necessary, I take it in my bag to apply it during the day. 

what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The absence of irritation is necessary for a cream anti-chafing... But above all, it penetrates very quickly and leaves no traces. My skin is protected for a long time, which is an essential factor for me. It is not greasy and it is not disturbing to apply with the hands. It is absorbed by the skin, like applying a moisturiser. The pleasant smell is a plus. The disadvantages, I don't know, I haven't had any problems with swip®.

would you recommend swip®?

It's already done, with many people.

anti-friction running, running, trail cream, groin rub, anti friction

- Maxime Cuenot, ultra trail runner

take full advantage of the swip® creams range

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what is the delivery time?

Deliveries to Switzerland are made within 72 hours

For European countries, this usually takes 3 working days.

what are the fees/taxes?

For Switzerland, all taxes are included in the sales price

For other destinations, VAT and customs duties are specific to each country.

to which countries do you deliver your products?

At the moment we deliver our products only in Europe.

where do you manufacture your products?

All our products are manufactured and shipped from Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

100% money-back guarantee?

We are convinced of the quality of our products. So that you can make up your own mind, we have decided to offer you a 14-day money back guarantee upon receipt of your items. For more information, please refer to our returns policy

snow algae powder is based on the extract of a unique algae that is able to grow on glaciers and permanent snow. it is in these extreme environmental conditions that the algae produces its valuable molecules to respond to climate stress.

Snow algae powder stimulates the longevity gene Klotho and activates AMPK, a master switch in the cellular defence and energy system.

Water from the Titlis Glacier is a truly rehydrating solution thanks to its high concentration of Potassium, which has been described as an essential element for recovery, especially after strenuous activity, and for maintaining healthy skin.

Rich in essential elements (Ca, Na, K, Fe, Si and Se), glacier water is the ideal choice for daily cosmetic use.

The edelweiss is the symbol of the Swiss Alps. Its name comes from the German words "edel" meaning "noble" and "weiss" meaning "white", while its botanical name comes from the Greek for "lion's foot", a reference to the shape of its downy flower.

Edelweiss contains phytochemicals such as tannins, flavonoids, proteins and certain glycosides which offer unique benefits when applied to the skin