cosmetics 100% made in Switzerland, boosted with natural ingredients

what symptoms do you want to prevent?

The daily demands on your body come in many forms. 

The range of swip® creams has been specially designed to deal with this.   

friction and blisters

sunburn and redness 

aches and pains

swip® in a few words...

a range of high-performance creams developed by two outdoor sports enthusiasts whose founding pillars are :

  • maximize performance

  • thanks to the use of natural ingredients


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3x cream anti-chafing + cotton bag
CHF 44.90CHF 35.90
3x sun cream + cotton bag
CHF 74.90CHF 59.90
3x recovery balm + cotton bag
CHF 74.90CHF 59.90
discovery pack + cotton bag
CHF 64.90CHF 51.90
swip community mask
CHF 19.90
2x sun cream
CHF 49.90CHF 44.90

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